O level Combined Science Notes, Physics Notes

I have uploaded a new set of notes for the N level Physics and O level Physics combined science to my website at the downloads page of this website. A master equation map for the entire subject is provided.

You may download them and distribute them if you wish. Do read up on  the conditions for download on that page itself. These are summary notes that you can print out in booklet form for ease of learning. They are separated into chapters for ease of revision.

Go to list of Notes tc_btns_notes_ncsphytc_btns_notes_ocsphy  

These notes have a version number attached to it.  Usually in the format, MONTH/YEAR. You should check back frequently to see if you have the latest one.

The topics covered are

I. Measurement
1. Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement
II. Newtonian Mechanics
2. Kinematics
3. Mass, Weight and Density
4. Turning effect of Forces
6. Pressure
7. Energy, Work and Power
III. Thermal Physics
8. Kinetic Model of Matter
9. Transfer of Thermal Energy
10. Thermal Properties of Matter
IV. Waves
11. General Wave Properties
12. Light
13. Electromagnetic Spectrum
14. Sound
V. Electricity and Magnetism
15. Static Electricity
16. Current of Electricity
17. DC Circuits
18. Practical Electricity
19. Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Mr Fairoz