Small group tuition or one to one tuition?
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For a one to one tuition
Yes, you get the tutors complete attention. But for how long? Suppose the student is learning Physics, the tutor can explain a phenomenon and the student can interrupt and ask questions and clarify understanding during the short explanation. But you have to understand that it takes time for words and ideas to sink in. There will be gaps between explanations perhaps filled by questions, examples and summaries and the tutor will simply look on.
Small group tuition
In my opinion, this is the best way to learn. Its like group study or learning with a few of your friends around, but not the whole classroom. With a small dedicated group of learners, I tend to get more questions of quality that reflects understanding or at least an attempt at it. By covering the mix of questions and the best of answers, every student gets a perspective that is not only his but the entire group’s and that is something you will not get when you have one to one tuition.
Why better?
A project is never a one man show. And no man is an island. Given a problem or challenge, though you have to think on your own, you will have to work together with many people. This is why we have think tanks, research groups etc. No one does a PhD on their own without other people’s intellectual input. Many brains are still better than one.
Yes…. the exam is indeed a one man show. But now you have a better understanding of the fundamentals of Physics as a result of looking at it from the different minds of the small study group. So the tools of understanding is now richer and you will be able to better answer the questions in the exams.
Thanks for reading
Mr Fairoz