Math & Science Specialist Tuition at the East

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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Hi there,

My name is Mr Fairoz Ahamed. A tutor and an author of 15 years.

Raised in a family of teachers, scholars and principals, gracefully entering into the field of education is natural and that is the path I have taken.

Whats your name?

My name is Mr Fairoz Ahamed

How long have you been teaching/tutoring?

For the past 15 years. And began authoring books about 9 years ago.

Who built this cool website? And Why does it have a dark theme?

I did. My hobbies includes programming, designing tools and cooking. And this website, satisfies the first two. If you want to see the website on “whats cooking!”, its at

A dark theme was chosen as that would be less stressful to the eyes. A black pixel is an unlit pixel. That is why those of my generation were able to concentrate better in class. We used a blackboard (green board) and not a white board. Concentration and retention is better on a blackboard. I’ve written an article on that, check it out.

What else did you program besides this website?

The Physics simulation software that is used to demonstrate difficult to visualise concepts in Physics. Which you might have seen in some of the A level videos. That’s based on a 2D Physics world engine. Its free for download if you want to have a look at it. Its named SAM.

We heard your a Principal Engineer. What is that?

Well, you might not have heard, but that is a very good question.

A Principal Engineer is one, with many years of extensive practical experience, is capable of charting new paths and is seen as an engineering authority in the field they have mastered in.

Thanks for asking.