E Math, Elementary Math, Sequences

Sequences (TO BE UPDATED!) Introduction to sequencesWhat is a sequence?The term number & the termThe general term equation (the nth term)Deriving the general term equation (nth term) for polynomial based sequencesThe role of the general term equationDeriving the nth term for polynomial sequences using a shortcutDeriving the nth term (the longer method)Examples 1Simple examples (using […]

E Math, Elementary Math, Circle & Circle Properties

Parts of a Circle Radius, Diameter, CircumferenceRadii & SectorsChords & SegmentsTangents Symmetry Properties of Circle Perpendicular Bisector of ChordEqual Chords & Perpendicular BisectorsTangents from a point & angle between them.Angle Properties of Circle Angle at the center & angle at the circumferenceAngle inside same segmentAngle inside a semicircleOpposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateralAngle between radius […]