Subject Animation Master, (Physics World Simulator)

Subject Animation Master (SAM) is a single application that holds my “Physics Stage” engine and a collection of animations and simulations that are crucial in the understanding of Physical Phenomenon that is hard to visualise using the whiteboard.

This application satisfies the need of the educators as per the current Cambridge O Level, A level, IP and the IB syllabus.This application is inspired by teachers, coded by me and tested by teachers, hence, educators, teachers and tutors shall find this collection of animations useful for both classroom demonstration and one to one coaching. By illustrating the Physics phenomena in the way the entire student spectrum understands, the teacher is now then free to build upon that understanding and work with examples.Utilising a real 2D Physics engine meant for XBox, the various aspects of Kinematics, Dynamics and Energy can be visualised by building your own experiment on the stage. Furthermore we, the educators, are constantly working on feedback improving and developing new tools of education for the benefit of educators everywhere


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Version 2017.7,  15MB

What is new in the latest version?Simple Harmonic Motion: Visualisation of the various vectors & scalars acting on an object undergoing SHM.

What will be in the next version?Simple Harmonic Motion: Enhancement to graphs.Others: Based on teachers/educators feedback

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Help and How to use

Here are some help videos to start

SAM 2017.7 Manual


Q: Are there any prerequisite software needed?A: Yes. You will need a Microsoft driver. The installer will point you to Microsoft site to get it. So, do not worry about security.

Q: Cannot save scenario filesA: You might not have administrator rights to the computer. Generate a folder elsewhere and save the scenario there.

Q: Is the software free? How is that?A: I am the programmer for the software. So yeah. its free!

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