The materials below are free for download. I had been working on the materials for the past few years for home use, for my children. And I found them to be very useful for practice and to keep the children busy.

The files and its contents will be updated when necessary and be available for download. A version number is maintained on the file name.

There is no watermark nor any advertisement in the files. There is NO COPYRIGHT on the contents of this page. Feel free to print, edit and distribute the materials on this page. If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc, please let me know through the contact page.

Past Year School Papers

The following contents are available as single individual .pdf files and contained in a single .zip file for ease of download. Available for A4 or A3 size booklet printing.

The current file name and version is ““.

  1. Patterns, (Vs, Ms, Zig Zags and curves)
  2. Alphabets, (Capital, small)
  3. Numbers
  4. Shapes

Available years & subjects:

  1. P6 2015 English, Math, Science, Chinese