Root-Infinity V1.0



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Root-Infinity is an online Mega guide book for the N, O, A level (Cambridge and  MOE)s. It is designed to be a one stop portal for those who need the help. With a library of resources from the subject’s Notes, Definitions, Equations and TYS available as both quick learning cards and videos.This is the new super cool Google Chrome based learning application based on the latest Web Application technology from Google which took me spectacular years of content development, painful months of programming and everlasting days of tearful joy. Check out the development, guide, detail page on the Web App here.
See the timeline below for whats on the way and here is a few images of the App using a mobile device.

RI_03 RI_08


  1.  A single application to hold the entire contents for N, O, A level Math and Sciences.
  2. The App can be added to the home screen so that it can launch full screen with no need for chrome. So no more address bar to disturb you.
  3. Touch gesture enabled, you can simply swipe through the notes, cards and videos.
  4. Download option will be made available in the future (needs time for me to wire up the code layer for this).


Each subject will have 4 guide books
1. Notes
The notes would be split into themes as per Cambridge and MOE’s latest materials. And the themes into topics and then into important concepts and points.
2. Definitions
A list of definitions that must be in memory by the time you hit the exams. These definitions are important in that they help to formulate the basic foundation of a concept or phenomena and especially true of Physics and Math.
3. Equations
The equations are given as quick revision slides, arranged topic-wise. Enough description is given.
5. TYS
I have yet to decide on how to present the ten year series in the App. I am still working on the control user interface for this part. The most logical path would be to have a drop down tree of Year, Paper, and Question. But to present it topic wise or year wise is the primary issue. Arranging the ten year series in yearly format tend to be easier.


  1. This App is powered by Google’s latest technologies. Therefore, best viewed with Chrome in desktops and mobile devices.
  2. A minimum screen resolution that is enough to view the contents in landscape mode. The topical notes and videos is best viewed in landscape mode.
  3. Data plan or WiFi enabled. [For now!]. The entire site’s content will be made downloadable in the near future.


Navigation – See the below screen shots of the App for a basic guide on how the App should be navigated. Note that the back button of your mobile device is not wired into the App. So navigation paths are fixed.
Adding to home screen – By adding to home screen, Root-Infinity will then launch full screen without Chrome. Therefore you can have better view of the materials without the address bar etc.



  1. Dec 2015 – Combined Physics & Chemistry for N level will be up.
  2. Jan 2015 – Combined Physics & Pure Physics for O level will be up.
  3. May 2015 – Full feature website download should be available. This means, the entire guide, notes etc will be now downloadable into your device and available off-line.